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Feature: Detroit: Become Human Is Quantic Dream’s Biggest Ever Game

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@rjejr Good points! But the Kara tech demo is not relevant since they even admitted it wasn't a game concept at the time. Showing game concepts/demos at shows is not really announcing games either. So, they announce a new Zelda game at E3 2014 and everyone goes "YAY!" but Nintendo didn't have but the Wii U out, so obviously it would be for some new Nintendo box.

Sure, some games get pushed back, others get moved to the next console as the newer box gets closer. I think they are getting wiser on announcing releases since all the backlash the gaming community has given the publishers the past couple years. One good thing from No Man's Sky poor release, eh? I do believe it begins to hurt their sales, so they have been listening to us. At least that's my current hope... ha!

And as for Sucker Punch... I have no idea what's going on there. Its been years. BUT! They haven't announced anything, so it's all conjecture.

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