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Feature: 5 Ways PS4 Can Dominate in 2018

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MS's AAA releases do seem to be lacking. State of Decay 2 isn't just another Zombie game though - its a Survival game like DayZ in essence that just happens to have Zombies as the enemy. Its been given the AAA development. Still maybe not mass market appeal. Sea of Thieves does seem divisive too but in fairness, nothing else on the market seems to offer what this does. Crackdown 3, maybe the 'biggest' in name but has failed to capture the audience - partly because the SP game-play hasn't had the big destruction that was promised and the 'hands-on' was demoed by 'non-gaming' celebs who had no idea how to play. MS are sure to release 'Forza Horizon 4' in Sept but they have also kept anything beyond E3 2018 close to their chests. Its relatively easy to name a number of big Sony games that will release in the latter half of the year and beyond but MS's releases are not known - at least officially announced.

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