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Feature: 41 PS2 Classics That Must Come to PS4

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I think the days of games coming out from the companies every week has ended, but I see you're point. Since the Atari, games were pouring out right and left, all the way up to the PS2, Gamecube and XBOX era, where after that, they stopped. I believe that most of that was due to the stores on the systems, where many games get added every week, and if there was no online stores on the systems, we'd see the same trend as the past happening...many games coming out each week. Now, of course even with the technology and the games having bigger budgets and more time and money spent into them, we probably won't see the great numbers. Nintendo is great, but even if we look at the Wii U (and take away the short-played games that nintendo even made...Captain Toad, Kirby Rainbow Curse, and Star Fox...which star fox seemed rush and just a re-release of the N64 classic), we're even left there with just a small amount. Sony, with the PS4, seemed to have more focus on making 3rd party companies happy in the first few years, with sony only releasing a handful of their own games, and many being re-releases from the PS3 era, or VITA and PSP titles, but I'm seeing more coming out or announced for the rest of this year and the coming year (New Hot Shots Golf, Last Of Us 2, Ni No Kuni 2, the next Uncharted and I'm sure there will be more announced). E3 is coming, and if rumors are true that Sony has the biggest space reserved, and nintendo is second in line with space, maybe we'll see plenty! I still though, kind of enjoy the PS4 for all of the games coming out...for some reason (and I grew up with an Atari...yup, old), it feels like the heydays of the NES, where many games are coming out in the retail scene and the genres are my favorites...platform, adventure, strategy, simulation (granted there I'd love to see a Sims title) and many puzzle titles. The only genre I'd like to see more of is Party...I'd love for Sing Star to get a physical release with microphones (not the stupid use your phone or tablet to play) and I'd love for more trivia games (Trivial Pursuit or the National Geographic titles) and would also love for a new BUZZ title with the buzzers added. But, just like you said, without the games pouring out onto the systems, this is why I'm not excited for the Switch...I'd love to have nintendo's next console, but I still see no reason or want for it when the same games are already on a system I own, and Zelda doesn't look that great to me and the only other game I saw for it, doesn't even come out until the end of the year (and nintendo will probably push it into 2018) and I saw nothing else for it. Same goes for the XBONE, which I saw a couple of their exclusives, but still...nothing else to make it worth a purchase. Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft need to know that the consumers go for the console for their exclusives, but they also need to know that they need to have various genres. Nintendo is great for the platform titles and party games, but they lack in sports (realistic sim sports) and action, adventure, horror and racing sims (racing games that aren't just Mario Kart and kart racing). Sony (in my opinion) doesn't have a ton of platform games anymore and very little party and seems to focus on more M-rated titles, not really making it kid-friendly. The kid-friendly titles need to be out on all three machines, giving parents the options too to see that the machines are good for everyone, and not just one group of individuals. I'm a parent, my kids play the PS4, but I don't like not having much that they can play except for the same old Skylanders, Infinity, Just Dance and a few others...and again, I hated the Wii U, they have no interest in the Wii so I sold it and have no regrets, sold the 360 for various reasons, have enough games on PS3, but the system is starting to slowly fade into slowness and problems galore (constant freezing for no reason). Anyways, yeah, sorry this comment is long and I guess I went off track, but I hear you in every way!!!!

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