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Earthfall Runs at 4K@30 on Both PS4 Pro and Xbox One X; HDR Only Available on PS4 Pro at Launch

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Obscure_Observer1h ago(Edited 1h ago)


I don´t think these devs optimized this game for the X. Same thing can be said about some games on the Pro.

This game should run at 60fps on the X.

Obscure_Observer1h ago


"not at 4k the x isnt that good"

It is good enough. If the X is able run Halo 5 at 4K/60fps, it can run Earthfall at 4K/60fps with no problems.


Well there is more here than Resolution and Framerate, Pro can handle this game at 4k/30 which is great, even though the X's GPU has the equivalent of a standard PS4 GPU's power separating the Pro and X, there no ceiling after 4k right now and the CPU while faster, is still not enough for 60fps territory.

The Much More Power and what most console only gamers don't realize is the Memory gap, X has an extra 4gb and over 100gb/sec faster RAM which means things like Texture Filtering, Draw Distance and Overall LOD should be noticeably better on X.

For the X version to only "Match" the Pro version is either lazy or they did not go into detail on the extra bells and whistles on the graphics side?

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