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Dynasty Warriors 9

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Dw9 2
Dw9 19
Dw9 14
Dw 9 18
Dw9 9
Dw9 3

I'm disappointed it didn't get higher, but thinking about it, this is more or less what I expected DW9 to be like. I thought the open world would be a generally bad idea and I'd been seeing complaints about the weapons/movelists for months now.

Just one correction, though: this isn't really the biggest change the series has undergone nor is it the first time it's significantly changed. The very first Dynasty Warriors was a traditional fighting game, 2.5D like SFIV or SFV, with just a few characters. Not at all like the series from DW2 onwards. To be fair, that game is titled slightly differently in Japan, which is why the Japanese numbering is always one behind us (DW9 is Shin Sangokumusou 8, and our DW1 was Sangokumusou, no "Shin", so the Shin Sangokumusou series started with our DW2. Confusing!)

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