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Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen

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This was such an awesome game when it first came out, I was utterly captivated and played it on the 360. You're climbing and fighting chimeras and griffins, lighting them on fire, so awesome! And deadly lizard men, and goblins, and oh! the fire drake! I was whooping the first time I was finally able to take it down in the forest.

I got stuck briefly and stopped playing. I wish I hadn't, I should have just googled and figured out what to do next. Now, my Xbox Live has long expired so there is no point returning to it if you don't have online access to use your game created pawn.

Also, there was this online elder super dragon that the community had to kill, I never made it that far, but my friend was involved in killing this thing every few days.

I will download for my PS4 Pro if it goes under $20.

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