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Does PlayStation VR Even Matter Anymore?

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Apocalypse Shadow1d 8h ago

**Sony would have fans believe that PlayStation VR still has a very bright future ahead of itself**

Article writers would have gamers believe that PlayStation VR is not selling fast enough and is a failure when it cost more than the console itself. So, obviously "colonel obvious," it's going to sell slow until the price comes down. Just because there are 60+ million PS4 owners, doesn't mean they will all want VR at $399-$499. That's like saying Horizon Zero Dawn is failing because it hasn't sold 60+million at $60.

Sony sells each headset unit at a profit. They make money on accessories and third party/indie game royalties on the platform. It's worth it to them to build on profit they are already making. And Sony doesn't force it's developers to make things they don't want to concentrate on right away because they are making regular flat screen games.

That's why they have London Studios and the new North West Studio that are working on games while making deals to pull some of the best PC VR games to the platform like Super Hot and Raw Data. Why companies like Namco are bringing Ace combat 7 with VR. Why Skyrim and Doom are coming to the platform. We don't know what's coming like we didn't even know HZD was being made for PS4.

Any game can be made to be controller compatible. That's not the point of VR. VR makes the game immersive like RE7. Playing RE7 on flat screen is not even close to the immersion of VR. How do you know Moss and Star Child aren't enhanced in VR? They are not on the market yet.

Using Vita as an example of Sony dropping things when it's still selling and getting games is weak. Vita ran into a market controlled by Nintendo. And cellphones that play cheap or free games on the go that look just as good as any portable console released on the market. But neglect Sony keeping Move alive from last gen that works with VR pretty well this gen. And updating the headset and the move controllers.

That's not a sign off dropping. That's a sign off digging in. Every company says VR is a slow burn that will take time. Article writers posing as journalists think VR needs to be mainstream overnight like a free viral video of Sy's Oppa Gangnam Style

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