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Disney Epic Mickey Walkthrough Pin Locations Video Game Guide (Wii)

Disney Epic Mickey Pins Location Video Game Guide (Wii)

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Our Disney Epic Mickey Pin Locations Guide is complete information providing you with the full pin discovery list in chronological sequence which will assist you in discovering the position of all of the Disney pins collectables which are concealed throughout the various stages in the Nintendo Wii Epic Mickey video game.

If you are looking for the actual FULL AND COMPLETE Epic Mickey Walkthrough you can find that here:  Epic Mickey Walkthrough Video Game Guide (Wii)

There’s a total of a hundred and five secret pins to be obtained in Epic Mickey. They are Gold, Silver and Bronze coloured Disney pins. You may acquire a lot of these simply by finishing quests, swapping movie reels, as well as gathering energy sparks. However in order to obtain every one of the valuable pins you will have to play through a total of three instances. Actively playing as good, Bad as well as Medium good/evil Mickey.

The actual fifty three primary pins down the page currently have actual physical destinations it’s possible to get in the video game, they may be within red-colored chests as well as concealed places. The rest of the fifty two pins are usually acquired through finishing the particular game titles numerous quests

Accumulating pins unlocks Disney fine art along with other additional content material in-game. Gain access to that which you unlock in the pause menu. However it’s primarily for boasting privileges.

Disney Epic Mickey Pins Locales Guide  Walkthrough
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