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Destiny 2’s Community Is Rioting Once Again Due To Dawning’s Event Loot Box Shenanigans

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Chris_Wray14h ago

I'm fairly outspoken on my thoughts on Loot Boxes, and this just proves what I've been saying all along. Companies can't keep their grubby mitts away from anything that screws the consumer over. Bungie and Activision are abysmal, particuarly with Destiny 2 which is purely a game to milk as much extra out of people in any way possible.

Honestly, were it up to me the game would be just destroyed. It's just been a sign of the avarice and anti-consumerism that is gripping the big publishers and developers as of late. They can't even do an event properly now, something that even free to play games have been getting right for over a decade.

maybelovehate11h ago

I am a hardcore Destiny Player. Never spent a dime on lootboxes. Never even had the urge. There is nothing you get in the lootboxes that will help you in the game. Nothing. It is all just cosmetics, and even then you can get them by just playing the game. Destiny 2 is the worst example of lootboxes being toxic in gaming. Games like Mass Effect, Halo and Battlefield are where your efforts should be aimed. Games that actually are selling advantages in games.

Death8h ago(Edited 8h ago)

You can earn bright engrams by playing. The entitlement some gamers have is getting sad. If you are just given the cosmetics instead of earning them you wouldn’t have as much incentive to play. Giving gamers the option to break out their wallet and pay for these cosmetics isn’t an issue since they can be earned.

Not to mention gamers were gifted an engram to start the event.

Goldby6h ago

Aren't there ghost shells available through the ever verse that increase efficiency when playing? Isn't the dawning built around people spending money on the exclusive holiday event as the drop rates next to nothing?

They made an event to push people yo buy in-game items with real world currency. That isn't right

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