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Destiny 2 Players Continue Large Scale Campaign Against Microtransactions

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@Bad-MuthaAdebisi Just because they're a big publisher and developer doesn't mean or guarantee that they'll make good games. D1 has thought me that they're willing to take players for granted with some of the content they released during that time (and they did it again in D2). I was willing to give them a chance with D2 eventhough I didn't had a 100% faith in them. Unfortunately the beta didn't impress me at all. To be honest, I think D2 is more D1.5 than an actual sequel. And now, you see some critics changing their initial opinions after 3-4 weeks of the playing the game.

The Eververse is the least of the games problems to be honest. Bungie completely failed regarding the late game, why would I give a rats backside about their online store if I'm not even playing the game. I enjoyed the first couple of days but then realised that there is absolutely zero incentive to continue to play the game.

I purchased the season pass giving Bungie the benefit of the doubt this time around simply because they really improved the first game, how could they possibly f**k up the second? How wrong was I. I have the season pass yet I haven't bothered to even reinstall the game on the PS4 to play the 'expansion'. I agree that the Eververse drama that I read about with the season holiday stuff was stupidity, but removing Eververse will not get me back to game, I don't think I could really be bothered giving the game another chance no matter what they do.

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