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Current VR Experiences Lack Context Required for Real Engagement, Say Strategy Analysts

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Apocalypse Shadow5h ago

Happens with any new platform at the beginning until developers get the hang of creating for that platform. Which is why you never see games like witcher, horizon or GTA at launch. If the user base is smaller at the beginning, you create smaller games until the user base increases. Developers fund smaller games, then bigger games. The reason why some VR games are expensive right now is to make up the cost of development on a smaller base. It's common sense and business 101.

GTA 5 only came out early on PS4 because it was already finished, sold and made profit on PS3 and other platforms. With PSVR, developers are making smaller games until there is a base big enough to profit from. Could Job simulator have profited early on on Vive or oculus alone? No. That's why it was ported to PSVR. With a large base together with Vive and oculus, Owlchemy Labs made a profit.

RE7 played fully in VR. But you don't have to. Capcom knew that everyone didn't have a PSVR or wanted to play it in VR. Capcom banked on regular players helping them make profit. That is why Namco and polyphony digital are banking on non VR players. Not all play in VR and there aren't enough headsets sold to make profit from development. Which is why they have only VR side modes.

If gamers had noticed, Star Trek was supposed to come out last year. But I'd bet the development and license from CBS wasn't going to make them a profit near PSVR launch. So they moved the release forward. Allows them to improve the game which has deep social aspects to it and,potentially make more money on a bigger base.

But as more headsets are sold, and Sony reaches 2-3 million headsets, bigger games will be more common. In the meantime, developers just need to make sure that their current games are fun and have some type of mode that ads random, endless gameplay. Like Star Trek above adds random generated missions besides the main missions. Increasing value.

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