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Crash Bandicoot Outsells Destiny 2 at UK Retail in 2017

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Is there really such a discrepancy between sources - those who compile lists like this?

If you look at some breakdowns of sales on PS4 game sales, the UK so say bought 2m copies of H:ZD whilst Crash sold 1.65m in the UK. That's a 350k difference and I didn't think they had details of digital and especially regional digital sales to add to these figures.

What was more interesting to me was the placing of SW:BF2 - according to one source, only 370k PS4 copies were sold. For it to place above the likes of Crash and H:ZD, it would mean that it sold incredibly well on the XB1 and PC in physical copies but its total global sales put it at around 1.3-1.4m - considering H:ZD supposedly sold 2m in the UK of its 3.87m total. Gran Tourismo sold 880k of its 1.5m total in the UK so that too seems much higher placed than it should be based on other sources.

Where do these figures come from? are they only counting some sales - like physical retailers only and not counting online stores?

Like I said, HZD has sold more in the UK than the total global sales figures for SW:BF2. Crash too sold more. Gran Tourismo sold more in the UK than Destiny 2 as well. I can't tell if GTAv is rightly placed but considering its been in the top 5 for the whole year (it seems), I wouldn't be surprised. CoD:WW2 has already sold more copies on PS4 alone than Last of Us Remastered (the 2nd best selling exclusive with 5.88m) and 2.73m in the UK and nearly as many people bought the PS4 version of Fifa 18 (5.75m) so Fifa being the top selling game and WW2 being second (if you factor in XB1 and PC sales) appears accurate but I struggle to see how the other placements can be right based on individual game sales and the breakdown per region.

Obviously there is a big discrepancy between sources...

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