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Can the Xbox One X Save Microsoft’s Generation?

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Woolly_8h ago

That would imply that "Microsft's generation" is in trouble. .

In terms of 'righting wrongs', I think the X is one of many steps in the right direction.

As for first_party output, I thought they've been doing okay until 2017. . Yes, projects were delayed and cancelled. . amidst all that, they've been doing okay.

The 2017 situation is a result of not taking enough risks, and lack of adequate partnerships. . in my opinion.
If they had the third_party partnerships like Sony does, they would have their own Nioh, Neir and Yakuza to bolster their line_up this year. . whilst buying time for first_party to cook up something new.

corroios26m ago

If Microsoft didnt closed studios and bought studios and create new studios, then they could save this gen and start even strong the next one. Create hype behind new titles.

Sony and Nintendo show this year that exclusive games are crucial for the sucess of a machine. Even a machine with the power of 0.5 teraflops can get much more sales then the combined sales of 1.13 and another 6 teraflops.

Just saying best version of this and best of version of that, will not make a diference at this time of the gen. Because those game can palyed on other machines. The 4k selling point is getting old and is not even real, because more and more games arent running at that rez.

So the best weapon would be getting new games with exclusive deals or buying good studios, like EA just did.

I think next year will be even worse, because of the games coming from Sony and Nintendo. So many triple AAA games that sell millions, that specs cant do nothing against.

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