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Can Sonic Forces Finally Get 3D Sonic Right?

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Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "3D Sonic games suck. Everyone knows that. Sure there’s been a few outliers with games like Sonic Adventure and Sonic Generations being on the positive side of the spectrum but for the most part the 3D Sonic games have ranged from unimpressive (Sonic: Lost World) to terrible (Sonic 06). So with this history of disappointments, why are fans so excited for the upcoming Sonic Forces? Surely the game will be another letdown for fans of the blue blur and will quickly be forgotten right? RIGHT?! Well, I’m not so sure. We’ve only seen a tiny snippet of gameplay from the game but so far it’s a very promising first look. The game looks like it has all the elements that make a Sonic game great. It’s fast, simple and looks to offer a fair degree of exploration. So is this the 3D Sonic game that finally gets it right?"

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