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Bungie Wants to Know What You Want from Destiny 2’s First Expansion

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@kyleforrester87 I always felt that some of the Destiny races borrowed too heavily from Halo, so perhaps that's why I'd like to see new faces.

Perhaps the most unique are the Vex, but again nothing new in this game versus D1. In fact Vex are played down so much in D2 that they don't play a major role in the main story threads. There was an interesting side quest with the Vex Harpy that tries to befriend you, but that's about it.

Most of the strike and raid bosses, in D1 and even D2 are just large versions of existing unit models with slight tweaks to make them look stronger than the typical enemy. Pyramidion boss is like a huge Hobgobin. Crota was a large Knight. I can't remember all the strike names, but we've also seen large versions of Shanks, Wizards, Ogres, Minotaurs, Goblins, etc. Though, I always thought it would be fun to have a large boss version of a Cursed Thrall that if it gets too close to you will explode and kill everyone in the group (forcing a darkness wipe).

Too much asset recycling!

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