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Bungie Wants to Know What You Want from Destiny 2’s First Expansion

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The universe right now is too small, Its a valid point of lack of things to do as Ive played and loved maybe 30 hours and seen almost everything. Last night as a single player, I didnt have a real aim as I had 2 milestones left. I couldn't play the nightfall with out friends and am not ready to raid. So my must have is;

I honestly want to see more background characters. I feel like I was fighting to save Cayde, Ikora, and Zavala, and maybe a couple other characters. I don't really have this sense that I just saved our solar system. Maybe it's just me, but I'd like to see some families, or some kids running around (in safe areas obviously, like the farm). I know this isn't going to win a story-line-of-the-year award or be a tear-jerker, but I feel like this small change could make me feel a little bit more. See some people who aren't "in the fight" that I feel like I helped save.

I’m loving D2! As it’s SO solo friendly!! I’m 298 and that’s without doing the raid and I’ve been told I can get 305 without raid, so whatever they do I hope I can still get to the new max light as a solo player 😬, love the Guided Games!! I use it all the time for Nightfall and every time we have completed it!! I always found it hard to find a group on D1 so gave up on the game and only had the one character but o can see myself staying around and making all 3 characters on D2, so please whatever they do keep it solo friendly❣️❣️

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