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Bravo Team review – One Dimensional but Still Interesting – Elite Gamer

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chris2351h ago

humm,... some other blogger seems to have tested this game as one of his or her first vr experience ever. this dude or gal mentioned motion sickness. which is always a sign that it was the wrong person who wrote the review. this dude or dudesse gave it a really bad grade. while this blogger here comes around with a more decent grade. which tells me, that vr titles shouldn't be given out to anyone to playtest it. such reviews of untrained vr dudes or dudesses are really of zilch value. i can't take people seriously who are still mentioning motion sickness in 2018. only shows "i haven't played many vr titles yet and my brain is not used to it and i am too scared to play a little bit longer until i don't feel motion sickness anymore, mkay!?"... pathetic, if you ask me.

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