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Bioshock Infinite Preview: First Gameplay!

The one we see in action is a wrecking ball, relentless and totally at ease in Columbia’s more open environments, moving like a blur at times. Eventually, with Elizabeth’s help, a bridge’s support crashes down on him and, as the bridge itself collapses, he tries to clamber free, only to meet DeWitt’s boot. After this, a similar figure, but one styled more like a gargoyle, lands on a nearby roof before sweeping in for a cutscene, ending our demo.

From first to last, our walkthrough is a masterclass in production, to the extent that it could be a standalone video. That makes you wonder just how representative its beats are of what we’ll eventually be playing – but also showcases tremendous potential. If there’s one criticism of Rapture, it’s that only rarely did you feel people had actually lived in the places you were shooting through. Columbia’s biggest challenge will be to feel right in a setting that’s, if anything, even more fantastical than Ryan’s utopia. It’s no small task. But Infinite has barely showed its hand – and this showing emphasised only its evolution of setting and series standards. As it breaks cover, we’re eager to find out about what will really make or break Infinite – the differences.

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  • Mark Norsewood
    November 19, 2010
    Reply #1

    Is it just me or isn’t Bioshock the original Fallout 3? Nice to see them out do the Fallout series, although I still like Fallout better only because I rarerly believe I can make bees appear from my hands just by sticking some serium into my arm.

    • RandyTonsOBS
      December 2, 2010
      Reply #2


    • Kent
      December 2, 2010
      Reply #3


    • Patrick
      December 2, 2010
      Reply #4

      I’d like to see more of this! This was a good writeup, adding this to my rss feed on my blog!~

  • drojpwhip
    December 2, 2010
    Reply #5

    The rails thing looks a little annoying.

  • Snarfy the Orange Peel
    December 2, 2010
    Reply #6

    WT*, are you on crackers?

  • Vigo
    December 2, 2010
    Reply #7

    Looks boring and regular. Very dull and not interesting.

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