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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam walkthrough video guide (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam Walkthrough Video Game Guide (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam walkthrough screenshot

All war is hell, but Vietnam attacks a neurological basis as specifically hellish. There are portions of hell in Battlefield: Bad Company 2’s latest multiplayer expansion, but mostly Vietnam results in a stunning, luxurious habitat through which to blast many other avid gamers in the skull. The environment, in comparison with the majority of shooters nowadays, is a great relief from deserts and metropolitan areas, along with greener-than-green plant life just about everywhere and stair steps of grain paddies etching mathematical designs into mountains.

We ended up with an opportunity to have fun playing the brand new maps in several settings, with all the apparatus revealed so we might truly experiment using the completely new gadgets. Significant areas incorporate a bamboo town, a series of rock temples or wats, along with a significantly bombed-out hillside. Sneaking throughout the cloying vegetation, hustling along colorless ditches, as well as producing speedy swims by means of rice paddies absolutely delivers the sensation of our own favorite ‘Nam war motion pictures. To increase this particular tone, the development sprinkles in era-appropriate tracks (like Creedence Clearwater Revival), together with flame-throwers and Helis.

To begin with all of us played Conquest about the wide-open traditional Operation Hastings map, which usually includes a mixture of natural stone buildings and lightweight sheds interwoven with streams, bridges, and highways. This favors almost any play design and style, with sufficient room for choppers to control the area, streets for tanks and Jeeps, and estuaries and rivers for patrol boats. All of us did a variety of furtive foot-soldiering together with a few voyages on trucks and tanks. Along with lengthy wide open ranges, sniping was common, however simultaneously there is a lot of underbrush to cover flanking motions for any great shanking within an irritating sniper’s back. A single specifically traumatic automobile trip all of us took was at the rear of some of those scooter/pickup vehicle hybrids which can be widely used in Southeast Asian countries. These soar along at a rapid speed although they don’t supply any on-board weaponry, so as a traveler we had been subjected in the wide open back with merely our own reliable LMG to battle invasion. Many of us didn’t last for very long.

An additional map we had an enjoyable experience with would have been a hillside filled along with foxholes which transformed significantly as the video game (Rush) proceeded further in the mountain. Initially, the actual protecting squad is actually grounded inside a large rainforest close to the shoreline of a big body of water in which the assailants can easily commandeer motorboats and saturate the foxholes. Battles within this map start out at very long range since enemies take their way up the incline, after which plunge to trench combat at close up range. Then following, the actual flame-thrower exhibits its power. It’s not only unpleasant at limited range, but additionally in opposition to securely crammed teams. All of us experimented with it a bit and appreciated the display of the fire flames independently, an attractive cocktail of vibrant oranges and yellows combined with dark-colored plumes of fumes. Obviously, a single drawback is that you simply can’t view anything whenever you’re shooting this. As well as in a large irritation distinctive to flame-throwers, it may eliminate a target just a few seconds after the annoying flame-user has already perished.

In the event the assailants have the ability to eliminate each of those bases close to the bottom part of the hillside, your struggle moves further upwards, exactly where napalm has already roasted the complete rainforest to shimmering embers. Lastly, we obtain an idea of the hells of ‘Nam. Together with terrain cover burned off, coming around gets to be more complicated, giving snipers nevertheless during the jungle free rule and blocking the ambush strategies of flame-thrower enthusiasts.

In the end we got a good amount of time using the new maps, we’d basically had an appetizer out of all the brand new tools and automobiles, of which there are plenty more to experience by using. All of us fought against many Hueys, however we just had an opportunity to travel inside one for a short duration prior to being shot straight down by an RPG. Yes, the overall game kicks on Flight of the Valkyries for optimum ironic pleasure while you swoop over the palms and lay down waste to hapless fools down below.

Through the appearances of it, Vietnam should be an important upgrade for those people who are still playing Bad Company 2 and haven’t already been slurped up by the Black Ops juggernaut, despite the fact that the this evaluation does decide the entire consensus as far as we are concerned. The development is set to release on 12/18 for PC and 12/21 for consoles and will cost 1200 MS points, or 15 dollars. Additionally pay attention to the awesome meta-game in which gamers will continue to work with each other to uncover the traditional Operation Hastings map.

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