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Are the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X worth your investment?

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Imo, most PS fans are disappointed on the PS4 Pro since the og PS4 used to be the most powerfull console. Most people was expecting the PS4 Pro to run games a native 1080p/60fps at very least, but, most games runs at 1440p/30, a few games at 2160p and 1800p Checkerboard and even fewer games at native 4K.

And there´s worst cases when games on Pro runs exactly like the base PS4 without any kind of improvement and, finally, there´s games which actually runs WORST on PS4 Pro.

Thing is different for Xbox fans. The og Xbox One is weaker when compared to og PS4. Now; the PS4 Pro is about 2.5x more powerful than the og PS4 while the X is about 5x more powerful than og Xbox One. The difference is HUGE and most definelly will be a factor when gamers come to realize the benefits.

I HATE jaggies! I own both og PS4 and Xbox One. There´s noticiable difference on jaggies when you play Gears of War 4 on the Xbox One S upscaled to 4K when compared to standart 1080p picture quality. These differences is even more dramatically when you play Horizon: Zero Dawn 4K Checkerboard in comparison with the standard 1080p presentation on the og PS4.

So yeah, i want jaggies-free games, now! And i want it on consoles, since i´m a console gamer first!

Kingdom Hearts 3 will be the first game to be on par with the original Toy Story movie when we´re talking about graphics. According to Digital Foundry, the only thing preventing it to be perfect is the jaggies found on og PS4 and Xbox One. I´m expecting PS4 Pro and Xbox One X versions to free of those jaggies. And i don´t want to wait for 4-5 years down the road to experience it!

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