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Are Micro-Transactions Really Necessary to Fund AAA Development?

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Brian76554923h ago(Edited 3h ago)

Of course they are not necessessary but not all games are as successful as the ones you mentioned. This business is very competitive and why many often fail, some studios even get shut down. Would microtransactions have helped them? No but they use it as an excuse to release games as a service now instead.

This ends up meaning less games being released by the big publishers because those games costs more to make, take longer to develop and now they want you the gamer to stay engaged longer. This is where microtranactions come in.

jhoward5852h ago(Edited 2h ago)

My educated guess: Every game produced is a risk. That said, there's a 50% to 50% change a game will fail. Another point is, some games may or may not meet the Devs expectations. For example, the Devs might make a game with long-term investments in mind. But unfortunately, the games don't last very long. That being said, most games lose it's value and fun factor rather quickly. Remember, games are very expensive to make especially when a Devs start to think outside the box to make their games. Anything they add new to their games normally cost money. So Micro traction is used in their games just in case a game doesn't make the money back or enough profits.

Forgot to mention, Games development is no different from movies making. A lot of stuff gets cut out or edited. That normally results in losing money.

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