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AQP City: GTA and RDR Clone gets First Gameplay Trailer, Showing Awesome UE4 Footage

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theXtReMe12h ago

Looks good, though the 2D building fronts need to go and the pop-in 20 feet in front of the player needs fixed. Other than that, I think they need to tone down the parkour a bit. If they can tighten everything up and make a compelling game out of it, count me in. If the guy making it is listening... allow players to enter more than a third or half or more of the buildings. Nothing more irritating than seeing a casino and not being able to go in and play(cough... GTA). Also, balance the economy. If the player can earn millions of dollars, give them many legal and illegal ways to do so... and just as many ways to spend it. GTAs biggest issue is the lack of things to spend money on. Its always been a problem with the franchise. Make the law enforcement more strict. If you steal a car, make it hard to get away. If you do, you still have to mind your peripheral for some time, as police may still recognize you if you were captured on camera. Which also gives players the incentive to pre-plan their heists, so to leave as little of a footprint as possible. If you steal more than one car, even more so. Same goes with gunning people down or runnng them over.

Ive always had a love/ hate relationship with GTA for these very reasons. If you can just steal a car and get away with it easily, by driving 2 blocks away from the police for a minute, whats the incentive to buy one? A realistic economy gives players incentive to keep playing to buy that house, shirt, boat or car they want. The same goes for realistic law enforcement, as making it too easy for players to get away... totally negates the economy. As most will choose crime over work, just to get what they want faster. But, if you make it as hard to get away as it is in real life, you make them think twice about choosing crime over working towards their goals. Which ultimately helps lengthen the time your players will play your game.

Other than those things I mentioned, the game looks promising... as we dont have many games or developers trying to mimic that GTA thing. Id like to see someone do so and create some competition, so that each becomes better. Which only benefits us gamers.

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