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Anthem Player Posts Long Message Asking BioWare “What’s Going On” With Anthem, BioWare Replies

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An Anthem player asks BioWare "what's going on" with the game in a lengthy post touching on loot, EA, Mass Effect Andromeda and more! Surprisingly, BioWare posts a detailed, non-PR reply! Read the entire thing in the article.

maybelovehate9h ago

To be fair to Bioware they did lay out a road map. There is new content and changes coming. The endgame is pretty baron right now. Nobody will argue that. But I am fine taking a break and coming back to the new stuff when it is ready. So many gamers feel like they need a single game to consume their life. That is impossible. Even a game like WOW which has been around since what seems like the beginning of time, adding content the whole time, can't do that.

It is fair about them abandoning Andromeda and I can see the concern. But Andromeda was never meant to be a game that evolved over time. Anthem is. Let's see where it goes.

LordoftheCritics2h ago(Edited 2h ago)

Games of today and hopefully not the future.
1. Buy the installation files for 60$
2. Play some of the game
3. Wait for content
4. Buy micro transaction content meantime, while content is being made. People might say that you don't need to buy the MT, but think of like this. You live in an area where the only accessible restaurant is a Mc Donalds, at some point on a long day of work when you just don't feel like cooking or doing anything, that McDonalds suddenly looks good. Now you can either move to a better area(play a better game) or give in to it at some point. Humans are fallible creatures. I feel that some companies take advantage of this.

Overall cost significantly higher than 60$ due to MT.

LordoftheCritics2h ago


People value quality time. There are many games I have played for over 250 hrs but I still value Mass Effect 2's 25hr campaign more than most of those hundreds of hours.

The overall experience is what creates that value. God of War is shorter than Anthem but resonates much more deeply in our minds and if you look at your own life too, its the stronger and higher quality experiences that stick with you.

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