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All Transformers Games on Xbox Marketplaces are Delisted

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firelogic59m ago

If you bought it, you can still redownload it as many times as you want. They're just not selling it anymore. We'd be in the same situation if physical copies ended their print run.

And yes, we are moving to an all digital future. All doesn't mean "all or nothing." You can still buy LPs in 2018. That doesn't mean the majority of the population hasn't moved onto MP3s and streaming music.

BluRay/DVDs are still sold but have been steadily decreasing year after year as people have moved onto streaming and digital downloads.

Physical books are still printed but are in decline because of e-readers/tablets/cell phones.

PC gaming has been basically 100% digital for some time now and you don't see them proclaiming that the sky is falling. It's just console gamers that are reluctant to accept the inevitable. I don't understand why.

spektical11m ago(Edited 10m ago)

"It's just console gamers that are reluctant to accept the inevitable. I don't understand why."

You arent a true gamer then. True money value for a game is in the physical copy. Digital is much more anti-consumer at this place in time. You cannot lend games to friends, and sure there needs to be a middleground. At this point I can go to my friends houses and trade switch/ps4 games like mario/zelda/horizon/gta5, which i cant do with digital. The needle is too far on the anti-consumer side. Steam tried it with family sharing, but its bs i have to sign in to a friends pc for "family share", why can't I decide which 5 friends can view my library from the my home?

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