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6 Worst Gaming Trends of this Generation

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Apocalypse Shadow11h ago(Edited 11h ago)

If I ever bought a physical game and opened it up and found that it was only a slip of paper to download the actual copy of the game from online, I would promptly return the game for a refund. That's not a physical copy.

As for the other stuff, gamers like myself have warned consumers about micro transactions since the first horse armor, launch dlc, loot boxes, paying for free to play games, content locked on disc, ridiculously huge day one patches which pretty much are the full game because the game was rushed out broken, paying for single player games that can only be played with an internet connection, season passes, grinding, incomplete games that try to push you to pay for speedy access. The list goes on and on.

These things came to pass because of lack of consumer research, lack of journalistic integrity and backbone to call out the publishers on it and lose those free bees, loyalty to a game that adds these things and that "don't care, it's my money" attitudes. I understand companies want to make money. Sometimes to finance that next product. But things have gotten ridiculous.

I would never go to a restaurant and buy a hamburger, and the employees kept coming to my table and asking if they can add to my ONE burger with more toppings, more patties, more sauce and more bread before I bit into it. I bought that burger expecting it to be the best d@mn burger I can eat for that restaurant. If I like it, then I might end up buying a second burger. That first burger should have already been complete. If you make it right the first time, you end up with a repeat customer. I didn't buy for random toppings(loot boxes). Don't want it super chewy just to swallow it(grinding). I don't want to buy a special box or wrapper for it to be in(collectors edition), I didn't ask to join the annual burger club(season pass). I just want one complete burger(God of War) for a good price.

Is that too much to ask?(Wow. I've been commenting about food a lot lately. Lol. And I'm not even overweight)

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