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5 good reasons not to buy an Xbox One X

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zerocarnage37m ago

Do you know it amazes me how many of you fail to grasp the whole situation with Microsoft exclusives. Yes you may be able to play them but only if you have invested in them through the Microsoft store, rite?? I mean they're all tied to the Windows 10 franchise so when people say owning an Xbox is pointless it's a pretty dumb thing to say in my eyes.

Wait till Sony start doing it, it's only a matter of time before they follow what ms do and bring there own version of Windows 10 out where everything is linked and there games can all be played on pc too, but I bet we won't hear (there's no point owning a PlayStation) anymore will we.

I mean when it comes to subscriptions Microsoft lead the way, Sony realises this and now they're playing catch up because having monthly active users all purchasing content, games and so on is much more of a money maker than actually selling the consoles itself, Sony know this now but it took them a long while to relise it.

Console sales mean Jack all now compared to the funds raised from us subscription payers. When console devs create consoles, they're buying everything in bulk which is very cost effective, then when they reach customers hands they're more happy to get them online paying a sub fee and buying from there markets than actually having the console sale itself.

It's now getting to the point that console sales are a very small percentage of what a console developer earns from its fans/gamers.e

djplonker19m ago(Edited 7m ago)

"Console sales mean nothing now"

Funny I got that vibe from xbox fans about 4 years ago.....

also sony's first party games will probably never goto pc because it takes value away from the console something you don't understand.

Woolly_16h ago(Edited 16h ago)

All Valid Reasons . .
*You should include the need for a Super Large Hard_Drive for all the 4K assets you have to download.
*There are also folks with Data_Caps from their service provider.
I can't think of anything else. .

There are Pros and Cons with everything, including my beloveth.

That said, these are things the enthusiast may not see as a problem. They're likely equipped to take on the X in order to get the experience they want.

Jinger14h ago

1. The Price - Actually isn't that bad considering the hardware and that it comes with a 4k blu ray disc drive.
2. You don't have a 4k TV - Well duh, but there are still other benefits 1080p consumers can enjoy.
3. There aren't many 'new' games ... yet - Can't argue with that, MS definitely needs to step it up now.
4. If you're waiting for a deal you better be (very) patient - Not sure what this has to do with anything....?
5. You already have an Xbox One S - The S is a great console that also has a 4k blu ray drive so the X is more for the enthusiasts who want the best looking and performing 3rd party and BC games.

MegamanXXX4h ago(Edited 4h ago)

"3. There aren't many 'new' games ... yet - Can't argue with that, MS definitely needs to step it up now. "

I've heard gamers say this way back in 2013. 4 years later, they finally admit they need to start making more exclusive games and step it up now after they release the One x. Another problem they face is that it can take up to 2 to 3 years to develop top quality AAA exclusives. They should have been started years ago imo

Woolly_1h ago(Edited 54m ago)

They've been bringing content to Xbox since launch. They've also taken risks with new IPs.
2017 is the one and only major dip, even still there are games to play.

Xbox is not the only platform where we've had to WAIT for games. Also, It's not the only one that shares games with PC.

It's easy to jump in a bandwagon. .

RommyReigns43m ago(Edited 42m ago)

'1. The Price - Actually isn't that bad considering the hardware and that it comes with a 4k blu ray disc drive.'

Add the usual accessories (and batteries :D ), the price of ISP unlimited uncapped, and the price of a proper external hard drive to fit the '4k enhanced' games, then you'll have a better idea of the true price of the X.

Leemundo3m ago

Who adds the price of Internet costs? Most people are paying for the Internet without even having a console! Don't forget to add the coast of electricity, a chair, and bloody house!!!!! It cost me £500,000 to get my set up!!!!

Here's why the price isn't an issue... I have the money.
Or I could trade in my Xbox and games and off-set the balance.... Sheesh.

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