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3rd Birthday coming to psp – Parasite Eve 3 Walkthrough Video Game Review

Parasite Eve 3 - The Third Birthday Walkthrough Gameplay Review

Parasite Eve 3 - The Third Birthday Walkthrough Gameplay Review

A third installment of the classic PlayStation series Parasite Eve, by Square Enix comes to the PSP. This installment of the series places you in modern day New York as the starred Aya Brea, trying to stop mysterious creatures called the twisted who want to take over and destroy the town, and you are the only one who can stop them!

Aya has an impressive selection of weaponry, and this game has a unique style of game play to help you meet the challenge. players hoping for the the old style of parasite eve game play might   be disappointed as the older games were based on a style of horror rpg like the resident evil  series. this third installment has a whole new feel, and a whole new battle system, but dedicated fans can expect a number of cameos from the first and second game.

At first glance, this game resembles a typical 3rd person shooter, running through levels taking time to duck down, grab health and toss grenades at the enemy, with plenty of side stepping and dodging. there are plenty of weapons for dishing out punishment, such as assault rifles, launchers, and shotguns, while being equipped with the default pistol.  

One of the unique aspects of this game is the overdrive system. Aya isn’t actually on the battlefield, she is projecting herself into the bodies of soldiers giving them her powers. For example, when your having trouble with an enemy up close who is heavily armored, you can overdrive  a sniper from far away and start taking the enemy down from far away.

If your body is about to die, you can switch to a new one and refill your health. But there is a down side to this, treating soldiers poorly will cause you to end a level with a bad score, to finish with a good ranking you have to defeat your enemy’s with as little friendly casualties as possible. In addition to overdrive Aya has the ability of Liberation. When your Liberation meter is full, Aya becomes invincible for a short while, wielding double pistols and dishing out great amounts of damage.

Going into Liberation mode can save Aya from being gabbed by an enemy and even keep her from dying. The only catch is the meter fills slow, so try not to waste this on an easy fight!!  The rpg element consists of changing your DNA. you earn Over-Energy chips by Overdriving friends and foes. These chips can be collected and slotted into Aya’s own DNA.

Each chip has its own special abilities increasing the effectiveness of Liberation mode, or a random chance of firing an energy shot from a handgun, All in all, with these features, and some really nice looking graphics to back them up, 3rd Birthday may not be the sequel the original Parasite Eve fans were looking for, but it’s a great action filled game with a nice story that ties into the original. In my opinion its a must have for Parasite Eve fans and new fans alike.

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  • D
    December 29, 2010
    Reply #1

    Knock it off, i can’t understand why they’d call this thing that name… wtf anyway?

    • JoeJenson
      December 31, 2010
      Reply #2

      well its a portable version of a game in my opinion, it should have hit a big system before anything, this could have been way bigger than what its going to be, but i guess there trying to boost some psp sales its worth a try anyway

  • terrykof
    January 12, 2011
    Reply #3

    thanks squaresoft for parasite eve psp……
    is ps3?

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