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200+ hour of Zelda Breath of the Wild save file lost during repair

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wonderfulmonkeyman32m ago(Edited 30m ago)

I agree.
Outside of the annoyance of Korok Seeds and the absolutely abysmal reward for getting them all, playing through BotW again isn't exactly a horrible-sounding thing.
I started a second playthrough in normal to tide me over until Hard Mode came out, and now I'm just taking my lazy time in that and on other games until the new story DLC comes out near the end of this year. [which I hope will be announced in a Direct]
I might actually start yet another playthrough of hard mode later on at the beginning of next year, this time with no upgrades beyond level 2 to all gear, just to give myself a little extra challenge.

Having said that, though, they really do need a way of backing up saves.

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