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Lord of Arcana walkthrough (PSP)

Even though it isn’t intended to be much more than just a replicated version of a superior video game, Lord of Arcana is Monster Hunter executed drastically wrong. Japanese RPGs are sluggish and slow moving by their own design, demanding level grinding, object hoarding, and typical numerous backtracking objectives throughout familiarized regions. Monster Hunter does indeed performs exceptionally well with this by constantly providing the participant with brand new items to include in their equipment, in addition to large quantities of loot, effortlessly scavenged monster components, and a plethora of useful weaponry. Lord of Arcana offers absolutely zero when it comes to any of this, along with pacing which extends a previously thin encounter towards a number of irritatingly lengthy hit-and-run struggles, the enjoyment fades away extremely fast.

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Lord of Arcana puts you in the shoes of an amnesiac warrior from the land of Horodyn, home to an ancient power known as “Arcana”. After a brief demo session that shows you how fun the game is when you’re fully powered, you start your quest stripped of everything but a basic weapon and your underwear. Luckily, the nearby village and warrior guild is generous to the homeless, and they outfit you with simple gear and a list of quests as soon as you arrive. Most of these quests typically involve collecting a certain item or defeating creatures, but none are easy to do alone.

Like an average RPG, you’ll gain experience with each battle, become proficient with your weapon of choice (note: the pole-arm is useless), and collect loot that can be used to craft better swords, armour, magic cards, and other talents. However, it seems that no matter how powerful you get even the weakest monsters can shrug off a two-handed broadsword blow like it was nothing. No, even if it’s the same kind of goblin you’ve been killing for three days, you’ll have to mash that attack button like you’re facing it for the first time.

It’s here that Lord of Arcana takes its first misstep. It quickly becomes apparent that the game isn’t balanced for solo play. Regardless of whether you’re five or twenty levels into the game, all of the battles boil down to you playing hit-and-run with enemies that take entirely too long to kill. Of course, you can speed things up a bit with a team of two-to-four players, but that raises Lord of Arcana’s next crippling gameplay issue – there’s no online multiplayer.

Luckily, I was able to find another reviewer with a PSP and a copy of the game, so we paired up for a handful of quests. While the battles are much more manageable with a helping hand, there’s still some design issues that hinder proper teamwork. For one, you can’t join battles that are already in progress, meaning that if one of your crew gets stuck in a battle, they’re out of action until they either win or die.


Lord of Aracana Walkthrough Video Part 1

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  • NIcolas
    March 8, 2014
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    Actually, if you press start you can call for your friend. If he engages the enemy while you are requesting his help (your character is immune during the whole time) he will join the battle.

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