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How to beat Earthrise walkthrough for gameplay

Earthrise promises an advanced market-based, player-driven economy and character progression even when a player is not logged in. Players choose a ‘career’ that they can advance when they are offline to make in-game money. Careers include Electro Sampler, Hobo Artist and Aero-T Operator. If you’d like more of an Earthrise preview check out the screenshots and concept art.

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The game is set to release on February 4th, and there were a number of closed beta keys issued. Beta keys were in limited number so not all gamers were chosen. Those not selected for Earthrise closed beta testing will be given priority consideration for future beta testing from these developers.

When Earthrise is actually released it will incur a monthly subscription fee that developers say will be comparable to other current MMORPGs. If you’re more interested in a free to play Sci-Fi MMO, try Knights of Dream City.

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