The Mission of the GameGuideDog

David Garfield
Founder of - (2001-)
A note from the founder: David Garfield

As a developer coming from Microsoft, many remember this site as WonderdogSoftware back in the mid 90's, when I developed the site into a kind of cool game help search engine. My friends (and many parents stuck in their kid's games) had an easy to use webplace to find their gaming answers. Solving impossible, or sometimes just plain unfair problems, like helping my daughter find a dog's light-blue bone in the lighter-blue fridge. (Ehem.)

In addition, staying AD FREE keeps us all safe from spyware, adware, or questionable content. Finally the most important mission of GameGuidedog is helping underprivileged kids by sponsoring childrens' charities. No matter what the age, join as our newest brother or sister gamer because we are kids helping kids. This is the mission of GameGuidedog.

Access the most complete game guide database resource in the world, always adding more valuable inside details, exploits, and gaming secrets typically unknown to the vast majority of the gaming public. Providing priority in game support directly from GameGuidedog's strategy FAQ team who work with game developers, publishers, and manufacturers, directly to give you the best services possible. Ensure your gaming knowledge and gaming know how stays above even the most advanced gaming competitor.

Convenient as either online or downloadable, view on mobile, tablet, or any reading device. Every strategy guide always comes with direct support. Everything you will ever need to enjoy taking your games further!