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Xbox One vs PS4: Which one is the best?

Xbox One vs PS4: Which one is the best?


There’s no denying that each new console generation, we end up seeing a battle of wits between Sony and Microsoft. Which one delivers the best console? How can you figure out which one is the best? Let’s find out right now!


There are multiple models for both consoles, but the Xbox One and PS4 tend to have a similar price. The PS4 Slim is around $250, and a similar price or up to $300 can be paid for the Xbox One. This is a very good thing, especially since most consoles tend to come with embedded games in them as well.


When it comes to specs, you will see that the two devices are pretty much similar. The older versions did not have 4K, PS4 Pro has and One S upscales to 4K. Then you also have similar storage options too, same connectivity and so on. The difference comes from RAM, which is DDR5 on the PS4 and DDR3 on the Xbox One. Combined with graphics that are lower in power on the Xbox One, you will see that the PS4 does tend to have some advantage in regards to specs.

It’s easy to see why that happens because the PS4 is designed to bring you quite a bit of value as a whole. They did a magnificent job here when it comes to connectivity, and most of the modern versions have 3 USB ports. The original PS4 had only 2 USB ports, which is still quite ok if you think about it.


The size of both consoles was reduced with the S and Slim models. They are 40% smaller when compared to the initial, bulkier versions. It pays off well, and in the end, it’s the right approach that you want to have for sure.

You can’t know which one is the best because both consoles are rather similar. So, it all comes down to fun and convenience most of the time. It’s certainly worth it, and the value is indeed an incredible one, to say the least. When it comes to getting a new console, you are most likely betting with your money, and occasionally one can play some casino games here with real money for real excitement.


Games and exclusives are what make each console special. Xbox One, for example, does an excellent job at bringing in some great games like Quantum Break and the Forza series or Gears of War. On the other hand, PS4 does have Yakuza, Bloodborne, The Last Guardian and Uncharted. It all comes down to the type of games you want, but there is a lot for everyone.

As we mentioned earlier, convenience is key here. Finding the right games console is all about knowing what you want from it, the games you want to play and the convenience you want to get. Controllers are very easy to use, and the quality that you receive here is rather distinct either way. So, it’s all about personal preference, design, color and affordability. The value is indeed there, and you will end up being impressed with the outcome!



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