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Yandere Simulator Dev appeals to public about Twitch ban

YandareDev’s YouTube video post this last Sunday January 22nd 2017 has received over over 1.4 million views (has jumped to over 1.5 million views since we began creating this article) in just 48hours, 2 days after appealing the ban by Twitch that occurred on or around Jan 6th 2016 as mentioned on

Those looking to watch someone play out their fantasies of their favorite Yandere waifu took a bit of a blow today, as Twitch updated their List of Prohibited Games. As stated by YandereDev himself, Yandere Simulator has been banned from streaming on the Twitch platform. This adds to an every growing list that includes indie sensation HuniePop, Criminal Girls, and Hatred. But what’s unknown at this time is what exactly has gotten the banned from the service. While Twitch has specific guidelines in place regarding adult content, no information was given by twitch on exactly what Yandere Simulator does to get it banned.

Before we post the video here’s the latest from the developer regarding latest changes and we feel it worthy of posting first:

To read a changelog of everything that is new in the latest build, please scroll down past this beautiful illustration by ZakuraRain!


YandereDev: I’ve been waiting so long for the Flame Demon to become relevant, so that I could finally share this gorgeous artwork with you! And now, the time has come! Hooray!

ZakuraRain also drew two other really beautiful illustrations related to Midori and the Flame Demon – one of them is old, and one of them is recent!

Changes, Fixes, and Additions as provided January 2017 (because we really do think these geeky bug fixes are actually pretty cool to know about):

  • Fixed bug that was causing the camera to be positioned at a low height during the “Summoning Flame Demon” cutscene, if the player had been crouching or crawling before initiating the summoning sequence.
  • Fixed bug that would allow Yandere-chan to freely walk around after a group takedown animation if she was performing an action (such as an attack or dumping a corpse) while being apprehended.
  • Students will now pause for a moment before performing a group-takedown, instead of instantly launching into a group takedown immediately after witnessing a murder.
  • Attempted to fix bug that was causing liquid to appear on students’ bodies if they were standing nearby another student who had liquid on their body.
  • Fixed bug that was causing the panty “censor shadow” to appear over Yandere-chan’s eyes, rather than her panties, during the Flame Demon easter egg.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the game to freeze if Yandere-chan was aiming her smartphone camera while being apprehended in a group takedown.
  • Fixed bug that would cause teachers to speak Senpai’s lines after catching Yandere-chan misbehaving.
  • Changed the school logo on the social media website accessible from Yandere-chan’s bedroom.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the Flame Demon to say his “Have a taste” line more than once.
  • Removed a 3D model that was not meant to be visible.

More words directly from the game’s father and mastermind…

YandereDev Says:

It’s been over 24 hours since my big Twitch video. I’m amazed by how much attention that video has received! I’m very grateful to everyone who sent me words of support!  Twitch still hasn’t responded to me yet. Maybe 24 hours is too soon to expect a response. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for any kind of communication from them.

On that note, I still have a lot of thoughts to share regarding the Twitch situation. I was thinking about making another video sharing these thoughts. This video would run for about 5 minutes, and would have much less “critical” tone; it would be more of an “extending an olive branch” type of video.


I told him in a reply on the YouTube video that at GameGuidedog I actually DO care about our fellow gamer AND game developer. I have since I started the site as in 2001 (actually it was 1996 but whose counting),

Add in your opinions please in the comments below, what should he do?   I think just posting this and promoting the hard work this guy has been living and breathing into his game is the best start I can provide from my seat… do YOU have or belong to any Facebook gaming communities or Google Gaming Hangouts or Social circles?  Post this there as well!

Here is the video in its entirety that expresses the heartfelt plea for help from the developer himself in an amusing yet fact accurate fashion:


For a historical record we have re-posted some of the actual user’s comments from 2016  below:

It’s been 1 year and twitch doesn’t respond to Yandere Dev’s plea for at least some kind of reason his game was banned, it’s all he is really asking for is a reason that he might possibly be able to fix. Why all the mystery? OH… the game was ‘unsolicted’, produced independently, and wasn’t distributed via a ‘management platform’ aka a deep pocketed corporate publishers that would require 95% of the creator YandareDev’s $$$… yeah, been there, done that, 27 Million in their pocket later, i’m still just… (owner of GameGuidedog)

From Yandere Dev’s blog:

  1. Gotta
    pick your battles, Dev. It’s not worth starting something over even if
    there IS something more insidious going on. You already have a dedicated
    and growing fanbase even if you aren’t on Twitch. Don’t let being
    banned from one site stop you.

    • This.
      I understand Dev’s frustration and anger but I think Dev is
      dedicating too much time and energy when it could be better applied to
      other things. You’ve obviously tried Dev and they haven’t
      responded back, I think it’s time to move on. Don’t they say
      success is the best revenge? It’s okay to lose a battle as long as
      you win the war.

    • Letting
      the twitch ban consume you is going to distract you from making an
      awesome game…show them up by making a great game and not letting
      them make ad revenue. If they dont want to talk after a year let it
      go. work on your game, make people regret not streaming it…simple

  2. I
    am just wondering what the 3D model was. Other than that i feel like i
    can’t wait to hear more about Osana and the other new features. I have
    purposely avoided all videos including Osana just to be able to see her in
    the final state.

  3. Change
    the name of the game! See if Twitch do the same on the banned list. If
    they do they need to give you a reason for the ban, for that means they do
    update it. If they don’t i guess that means we can play it on Twitch ߘ?

  4. For
    once you actually need suggestions. Just kidding!!! Honestly I would wait
    if I were you. I wouldn’t get so worked up. It’s not good for your
    health. Yes, I understand that yes, twitch is your go-to-site for games.
    But what is Twitch doesn’t respond to you at all?? I mean I don’t
    wanna make you have doubts at all!!!! I’m trying to say that I would
    make your fingers crossed til Twitch responds. (Have you heard Nekopara is
    being a anime?? You should play the game, It’ll take the edge off~.)

  • Mark Norfaulk
    January 24, 2017
    Reply #1

    Dupe out your game exactly as it is now (with the Giants egg clothed), and if that guy has either left, or no one remembers the reason at all, submit Yandere Sim1.5 to them. Or Yandere Twitch Simulator and see if they ban the new entry of the same game. I’d also make the v1.5 include some small intentional change so you can say it’s a different game enitrely (they don’t know your entire script without playing it all) something minor tho like the school building’s color is six shades lighter or darker or give her six fingers on one hand or something not important but different you know what I mean.

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