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Microsoft Has Been Planning for E3 Since December; Working on an Overwatch Event and More

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EDKICK2h ago(Edited 1h ago)

I know somethings will be held for Gamescom like last year. But I think we'll see.

Something hardware related (Slim or 1.5). Maybe Hololens or VR

A big group of BC titles, probably many of the more popular requests that have been rumored/confirmed (Bioshock, Black Ops, Red Dead, etc.)
I think we see original Xbox BC a small group of popular titles for it.

I think we'll see 1-2 unannounced AAA games (maybe a Alan Wake 2 teaser?) aswell as 1-2 new AAA IP's

News on:
Gears 4
Sea Of Theives
Halo Wars 2

I think with Scalebound being delayed til 2017 I think we'll see it at Gamescom instead of E3.

We should see some decent time given to Cuphead, Below and Inside.

We'll also see a bunch unannounced console exclusive stuff aswell as indies already on PC/PS4.

Exclusive with EA on Battlefield 1 (maybe unannounced Star Wars game aswell?)
The Overwatch event.

I think it will be a solid conference, I think they'll try to focus mostly on games again showing plenty of what people want of announced exclusive but the "X" factor, like any conference is the unannounced, the new IP's, and the surprises. It's what pushes solid, good, or average conference to great and memorable ones.

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