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Get the complete LEGO INCREDIBLES Walkthrough right here at your friendly neighborhood GameGuidedog!  You will also have access to the Lego Incredibles 2 Walkthrough in the same location, so fret not, we will get you gaming again if you are stuck or need help with your Lego Incredibles Walkthrough experience.

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LEGO The Incredibles is broken up into two sections. The first half are the campaign missions. These start out adapting the plot of The Incredibles 2 and then loop back around to the first film. The other half of the game is an open world section that tasks players with exploring the large city map of Municiberg and Urbem.Though the better section, by far, is the open world material, the main thrust of the game is the campaign missions.

The campaign plays out exactly as it does in all other LEGO Games. A cutscene, usually remixing a scene from the movie, opens them and then quest begins. At least two playable characters are provided, and each mission can be played in solo or co-op modes. Although other more recent LEGO games have done something clever and interesting with their story missions and level design, LEGO The Incredibles takes the easy and expected path through each of its 10 story missions, each of which take about an 45 minutes to an hour to complete.

The missions unfold in the same very linear fashion. They follow the same repeated pattern of entering a new area, smashing the attack button to destroy everyone and everything in that area, doing some light but very floaty platforming and then lastly building something (by holding down a button) or using a character’s special skill (by holding down a button). These character abilities sound exciting but they don’t really add much to the game. Violet can traverse over toxic waste but she’s not the only character with that type of ability.

Of course, there are still the same collectibles that are scattered throughout every LEGO game in LEGO The Incredibles missions. To get all the minikits, golden blocks and studs in LEGO The Incredibles requires playing the missions again in Free Play Mode. Free Play Mode offers use of new characters that have their own special skills and they are unlocked through other means (more on that in a bit). However, replaying a story mission, even with a radically different character, is still more of the same. Jack-Jack filling the role that his mom played in the movie isn’t nearly enough to justify the multiple playthroughs Lego Incredibles Walkthrough necessary to get every collectible.



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