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Hands-on, Head-in with VR at GDC | Gamereactor

I tried vr last year and it was cool, but I didn’t go back to it for awhile. I got it out yesterday and played 4 hours with a break halfway through.

The Second session my neck started to tire, I could tell my face was feeling the effects of pressure from the face mask and I generally was getting tired of looking around at the cool stuff.

Surprisingly my eyes were not as tired as previous uses but I did have a weird semi queisi/dizzy feeling. Got up this morning and still had it, even pulling out of the garage the movement didn’t seem quite right.

Guess I’m relieved I got to experience the cool effects, but I won’t have to bother with vr this first round. But anybody who is interested should try it, it’s really cool.

Hands-on, Head-in with VR at GDC | Gamereactor


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