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Doom Ps4 Rev Scr 5
Cacodemons 1434321767
Mancubus 1434321905
Doom Ps4 Rev Scr 6
Unwilling Caco 1434321998
Cyberdemon 1434321816
Doom Ps4 Rev Scr 2
Unwilling Attack 1434321951

The substantial campaign lasts for about 15 hours, which pleasantly surprised us since we kept expecting the game to end. It alone is worth being cast into this lake of fire, but we also think you'll find some enjoyment in the multiplayer. While it's not revolutionary since it lacks essential modes and features, there's still a lot of fun to be had with the vertically-inclined maps, good selection of weapons, decent customization, and close-quarters, quick gameplay that somewhat resembles . It's a well-intentioned endeavor to provide an arcade multiplayer shooter with fast-paced, mindless mayhem, even if it's no contender to top-tier contemporaries.

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