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  • What you should know about educational games

    Posted by on June 28, 2018 under Legacy Walkthoughs
    Parents are often skeptical about video games, but some recent studies prove that even simplest of those improve memory, attention, and imagination. Moreover, positive impact on your child can have not only dedicated math or logic games, but even those created for pure entertainment. Still, you should be careful about choosing only games with an appropriate age rating. Here is a nice list o... more.
  • Ultimate Guide To Off-Road Driving Games

    Posted by on May 31, 2018 under Best Games, Featured
    Watching the dirt fly from the wheels of a rally car as it takes a corner at high speed with the countryside whizzing by is thrilling. But if you’d rather stay in than brave the dangers of off-road racing in the real world, there are plenty of driving games that recreate this experience. Video games have explored rallying and other types of off-road motorsport for many years. So here is a com... more.

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