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  • How NOT to Sell A Game

    Posted by on November 18, 2010 under News
    Just pondering the state of the east/west marketing divide and how those developers must scratch thier heads and wonder "Is there anything we can add to a project so it sells, like, 500,000 copies in Japan alone? A racing game, for instance." Beg your pardon. Western developers are doing well these days (I'm sitting with one as I write). They are in step with their own market, delivering the ... more.
  • Lost In Shadow Walkthrough A Shadows Tale Video Game Strategy Guide

    Posted by on April 17, 2010 under New Releases
    Not that your character does something particularly novel back there. It's Platforming 101: the boy's shadow operates and leaps, snagging ledges to drag itself up. Your most critical interactions while using the game world feature the Wii Remote's pointer operations, which illuminate and manipulate foreground items. Should you reach a dead end, there is certainly most likely a little something... more.

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