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  • Just What Is The Order: 1886 Dev’s Deformers All About?

    Posted by on February 7, 2017 under News
    no, my comments are accurate. It's an accurate way to describe the game. It's a battle taking place in an arena, online- a MOBA. Just because it's not the same as DotA or League of Legends doesn't make it any less so. If someone didn't like Let it Die I wouldn't immediately command them to view footage of Dark Souls and call them ignorant. It's a similar game that isn't very good. My opinion on M... more.
  • Feature: The Best Games on PS4 – Winter 2017 Edition

    Posted by on February 7, 2017 under News
    The Witness masters the 'a-ha' gameplay loop like no other, serving up a puzzler so dazzlingly smart that it will turn your grey matter to mush. So much more than just drawing lines, Jonathan Blow's imaginative island adventure uses colour, light, and the environment itself to conjure up some of the cleverest conundrums this side of the . While it demands patience and superhuman attention levels ... more.
  • Final Fantasy VII Is 20 Years Old Today

    Posted by on February 7, 2017 under News
    Many of us here at remember Final Fantasy VII as one of our first RPG adventures; it showed us that games could be more than just a brief distraction - but how do you remember Final Fantasy VII? Did you play the original release, or did you catch up years later with the PS4 port? Let the nostalgia flow in the comments section below. GGD Partner Shared:... more.
  • 70% of Final Fantasy XV’s Team Is Still Focused on the Game

    Posted by on February 7, 2017 under News
    A whopping 70 per cent of the original team is still working on the game, raising the question: ? Normally when a title is completed, much of the staff is moved on to a different project, but according to director Hajime Tabata, publisher Square Enix is trying something different with its latest role-playing game. This means that only 30 per cent of the team have moved on, with the remaining empl... more.
  • Phil Spencer Says More First Party Xbox One Games In 2017 Than 2016

    Posted by on February 7, 2017 under News
    butchertroll 1h ago(Edited 1h ago) @Videogamelab Quote : Not sure if troll or.... Sony Releases games early in the year, while Ms more to the end. We just forget about the draught after uc4 and this year after Horizon? ..... Drought after UC4? Are you senile or you're trolling deliberately? Let's see last year, shall we : This is the list of PS4 exclusives in 2016 ( and i only mentioned retail ga... more.
  • GameStop denies reports of cancelled Switch reservations

    Posted by on February 7, 2017 under News
    Summons75 49m ago Yeah because Gamestop is clearly going to admit they were caught cheating the customers again... Sorry, bud they are the scum of the industry. They cancelled reservations before famously for Xenoblade Chronicles only to hide them and sell them as used a year later for double the cost. They were caught red handed with their new "Circle of Life" crap with many employees ... more.
  • The Nintendo Switch Games Chart Is A Lot Bigger Now

    Posted by on February 7, 2017 under News
    When Nintendo first revealed the Nintendo Switch on January 13th, they released a graphic straight after detailing all the Nintendo Switch Games games that were coming to the console in 2017. Many gamers including myself were shocked to see that there were only 26 titles listed. GGD Partner Shared:... more.
  • Uncanny Valley Review (PS4/PS Vita) – Punk and Lizard

    Posted by on February 7, 2017 under News
    S J Hollis writes for Punk and Lizard: "Uncanny Valley has atmosphere. It’s got a touch of the macabre and a horribly lonely tone. A horror game with a difference and a great little addition to the PlayStation’s pixelated catalogue." GGD Partner Shared:... more.
  • Uncharted 4 Is Still Winning Awards

    Posted by on February 7, 2017 under News
    nabbed more than a few Game of the Year awards in 2016 - - but it would seem that Nathan Drake isn't done hoarding treasures just yet, as the PlayStation 4 exclusive won the 'Outstanding Achievement in Character Animation' award at the Annie Awards over the weekend. The event celebrates animation in various forms of media, with the aforementioned award being the only one to do video games. GGD Pa... more.
  • Here’s Your First Look at Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft

    Posted by on February 7, 2017 under News
    In addition to the Swedish actress, Dominic West has also signed up to play Lord Richard Croft, as the movie explores Lara's origins story. There's no word on a release date just yet, but it can't be worse than the Angelina Jolie movies, can it? Let's hope that Vikander's voice coach also does a better job than Camilla Luddington's, who portrays the character in the games. GGD Partner Shared:... more.

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