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  • HORIZON ZERO DAWN is the Machine-Hunting Action RPG of Your Dreams – Review | Nerdist

    Posted by on February 21, 2017 under News
    With Horizon: Zero Dawn, Guerrilla Games has made a stunning transition to the world of open-world action RPGs with a brilliant new IP. Though there were a few graphical hiccups, and nitpicks I had about the skill tree, there’s no denying the fact that the game is a masterpiece in its own right. GGD Partner Shared:... more.
  • Amazon Video Game Deals Blowout: 2/19 Update

    Posted by on February 21, 2017 under News
    Hawtwired: "The Amazon Video Game Blowout Sale is LIVE and flowing! Discounts and price matching from the likes of Best Buy, GameStop, Target and more are live right now and we’ve got all the highlights!" GGD Partner Shared:... more.
  • Nintendo Switch Guide Out Now (Digital Magazine)

    Posted by on February 21, 2017 under News
    The Nintendo Switch Guide offers an expert, hands-on review of the best Nintendo Switch games, the console and accessories. The essential companion book! GGD Partner Shared:... more.
  • Bethesda has three games in development

    Posted by on February 21, 2017 under News
    So its time to speculate, to attempt to figure out the how’s, what’s and why’s of what Bethesda is up to. Todd Howard, the executive producer of Bethesda has revealed that they are currently working on three unannounced projects. When asked by Glixel what the company was up too, aside from fallout 4 VR and the Switch copy of Skyrim, Howard stated that there were two “class... more.
  • Horizon Zero Dawn Review – National Post

    Posted by on February 21, 2017 under News
    Guerrilla Games’ wonderfully original and often downright beautiful open-world RPG stands toe-to-toe with some of the biggest and best in the genre GGD Partner Shared:... more.
  • Horror Here They Lie Will Be Playable Without PlayStation VR Tomorrow

    Posted by on February 21, 2017 under News
    A true PlayStation veteran, Sammy's covered the world of PS gaming for years, with an enormous Trophy count to prove it. He also likes tennis games way more than you. GGD Partner Shared:... more.
  • Horizon: Zero Dawn – PlayStation 4

    Posted by on February 21, 2017 under News
    Let's begin by vanquishing the giant Thunderjaw in the room, though: Aloy's inaugural adventure is a role-playing game through and through. There had been concern that the release may share more in common with than , but on the Western RPG scale, the PlayStation 4 exclusive sits proudly alongside the likes of and . It has everything that you'd expect of the genre: quests, dungeons, dialogue optio... more.
  • A King’s Tale: Final Fantasy XV Slashes onto PS4 For Free in March

    Posted by on February 21, 2017 under News
    Remember ? Announced before released, the 2D sidescrolling beat-'em-up was available as a GameStop pre-order bonus, but once the main title launched, we admittedly heard very little about the additional adventure. Fortunately, if you've been interested in trying A King's Tale for yourself, you're in luck. GGD Partner Shared:... more.
  • Take a look at these impressive Metal Gear garage kits: Quiet, Miller, Raiden and more

    Posted by on February 21, 2017 under News
    On Sunday February 19th Wonder Festival 2017 (Winter) was held in the Makuhari Messe convention center. During this event manufacturers present their model kits and figurines, but there are also a lot of hobbyists who offer a very limited amount of custom made figures from games and anime, called ‘garage kits’. GGD Partner Shared:... more.
  • Japan’s Protagonist Problem

    Posted by on February 21, 2017 under News
    Gameinformer: "Whenever we sit down and play a story focused video game, it's often the intention of the developer to create a playable protagonist that, to an extent, the player can relate to. After all, if we're going to be controlling this character for at least a dozen hours of our lives, we should feel some sort of connection to them. And for the most part, developers do succeed at this... more.
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